> Basics of Internal Combustion

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            - Two Day Professional Development Seminar


  • Fundamental operating processes of the three most common internal combustion engines
  • Combustion and the gaseous cycles hydrocarbon ignition, combustion, emissions and control
  • Use of a working fluid to create linear then rotary motion
  • Thermodynamics of volumetric efficiency and power production
  • Fuel delivery systems, valve-train components and event timing
  • Power and performance prediction and assessment
  • Energy conversion kinematics and mechanisms


  • Discuss the basic functioning and component interaction in a modern internal combustion engine, specifically; two and four-stroke cycles as they relate to reciprocating and rotary engine designs
  • Describe the general thermodynamic concepts governing the operation of an internal combustion engine and its various cycles
  • Compare the principle operational differences of the various fuels used in internal combustion engines, their availability, and understand the applicability of each
  • Discuss the function and operation of all major components and systems within a modern internal combustion engine
  • Identify the operational principles behind the timing and working relationships among all internal components, and articulate the importance of this inter-relationship
  • Recognize the limitations of current design of the modern internal combustion engines

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