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KBE+, Inc. is an internationally recognized source of design service, spanning mechanical power transmission, gear and gearbox design, dynamometer and test stand design, development and commissioning. Our team of designers and analysts are competent with most of the modern CAD and analysis packages. We have extensive practical knowledge of most mechanical devices and designs and are ready to work with you and your team as either an independent design firm providing full project management and support; delivering on-time and budget; or as a support to your organization whether on-site or remotely located at our facilities.


    • Fully trained and with extensive practical experience with SolidWorks
    • Seamlessly able to cross-communicate with other packages and file formats
    • Fluent with COSMOS, ANSYS, and other popular FEA solvers
    • Experienced with multiple gear analysis and design packages; UTS, KISSsoft, PowerGear, etc.
    • All projects managed via MS Project, and through secure WEB site portals
    • Full photo-documentation and project reporting capabilities on-site
    • Prototype facilities and strategic alliances with local vendors to support project development
    • Test, analysis, forensics and reverse engineering capabilities
    • Rapid prototype and SLA modeling to support client concept development

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