KBE+ | Custom Training Solution
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Custom Training Solution

A Custom Training Solution Success Story

A major OEM of lubricant additives approached KBE+ to help them help their clients. It seems that lubricant manufacturers are great chemists and chemical engineers, but had almost no idea why the powertrain engineers needed the functional parameters that they required through their specifications. As it turns out, most of the powertrain engineers has only a rudimentary understanding of lubricants and lubrication theory. So we built a custom training program to bring both of these seemingly disparate groups together to understand the other’s point-of-view, problems and abilities. From its first offering this course has been one of the most popular (by demand and attendance) courses KBE+ has ever created. It has also become the basis for our lubricant additive client’s annual technology symposium show-piece, and is now part of the base curriculum of all the major OEM lubricant manufacturers.