Engineering Resources
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Engineering Resources

Consulting Engineering

KBE+ , Inc. is a group of Consulting Engineers engaged in the design and development of gear-trains, mechanical power transmission devices and internal combustion engine systems. Our expertise is leveraged by our clients to determine the viability of novel concepts and the practical application of new technologies to solve existing problems. We assist our client with solid engineering expertise and the ability to translate that expertise into production ready drawings, prototypes and components.

Our responsibilities on behalf of our clients encompass:
• Reviewing all contractual obligations with legal counsel
• Completing project proposal and presenting estimate to client
• Providing the resources required to complete the job successfully
• Monitoring progress of the project and submitting interim reports as appropriate
• Verifying that all contract requirements have been fulfilled
• Generating and submitting the final report and project record summary

With over fifty years of collective gear design, development and application experience, the resources we offer our clients are sufficient to solve any technical challenge. In fact, we often focus on design tasks that are too complex for the technical expertise of our client’s current resources. Our services are typically engaged from the initial design concept through to manufacturing support.

We offer a full range of technical services:
• Concept feasibility studies
• Preliminary design layout and modeling
• Detailed analysis using state-of-the-art design tools
• Complete technical and production drawings
• Testing and validation services
• Inspection and measurement of prototype and pre-production parts
• Turnkey services to bring concept through to manufacturing release

Analysis and Simulation Services

All of our degreed engineers employ state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Heat and Mass Transfer (HMT) applications for general problems and are completely versed in various specific gear design and analysis tools, such as KISSsoft, PowerGear, UTS AGMA Rating Suite, LDP and finally AKGears Root Optimization. We also use a number of AGMA and ISO-based gear design, analysis and modeling packages, which provide a broad range of solutions to develop any gear system. Finally, we have also developed proprietary analysis tools to satisfy our clients’ needs. We continue to advance the functionality of the analysis tools we use and / or generate our own proprietary applications as required.

KBE+ has and will continue to partner with academic and research centers to provide high-end numerical methods and intensive computational solutions for our clients. As an example, KBE+ partnered with the University of Central Florida to run CFD models on the latest version of Fluent®.

We have also developed a relationship with SATOP (Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program), a federally funded extension of NASA. SATOP connects industry experts with potential client companies to develop creative and unique solutions to some of the most intractable problems ever imagined. SATOP provides up to 40 hours of time and resources, of an individual or other tangible resource, at no cost to the client.

Design, Modeling And Drawing Services

We use state-of-the-art modeling and analysis tools. Our primary modeling tool is SolidWorks®, which we use to generate both three dimensional models, animations and two dimensional drawings. SolidWorks ports seamlessly to many other common modeling and drafting packages and it supports the IGES file formats and geometric databases. It also ports readily to many analysis packages as well as CAM systems to support prototype and production machining. Our version of SolidWorks also includes the finite element analysis (FEA) solver, which we use to optimize component designs. All of our design staff are trained and use SolidWorks on a daily basis.


As part of one project, we created a document control and drawing release system. This system emulates industry accepted quality systems and has improved the client’s ability to manage their production release system. Based on their success with the initial implementation of this system, the client went on to use it throughout their entire corporation. We also provide secure on-line information access and content management systems for every project.

Finally, the 3D models we produce for our clients are often used to generate either solid printed prototypes or other rapid formed models for concept evaluation and functional testing.

Testing And Validation Services

Our belief is that design verification is best done through physical testing. The expertise of the KBE+ team and the infrastructure that has been developed over the years can fully support testing of any common automotive or off-highway power-train system. Many of our completed design projects have included prototype and full-scale testing conducted at our facilities.


We have custom built a number of dynamometers to facilitate client needs as part of the larger development project. Typically we use four-square, back-to-back testing techniques to measure running losses and support the life predictions of our designs. We are equipped to perform driver-absorber style dynamometer testing for those clients that prefer this test technique. We can also provide full vehicle and field testing services.


Our laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment to facilitate noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing, frequency, power spectrum and modal analysis. Our test engineers stay proficient through practice and training. Every client is provided with full access to all of their test data through a secure information portal, as well as video and audio feeds from their test cell. We also provide test engineering and liaison services as needed by our clients.

Professional Development Courses

KBE+ , Inc. provides high-impact instructor-led training courses that focus on the needs of the mobility industry. We combine technical expertise with sound instructional practices, enabling participants to improve individual performance, apply the latest technologies, and stay abreast of new developments. We specialize in topics related to the power-train of modern automotive passenger car, truck and off-highway, construction equipment and agricultural vehicles.

Our programs inject expertise and real-world experiences, equipping learners with a solid new direction regarding the technology and current market trends. Each topic is researched prior to development to verify its alignment with our core business of mechanical power transmission systems as well as its relevancy to today’s marketplace. Once a new course is developed, we fine-tune it using proven pedagogical techniques to create an optimum learning experience. Many KBE+ learners have said our training provided a mechanism for real change within their organizations.